The fascination of pool.

A fascination emanates from pool that won't let go of you so fast once you have gotten into the game flow. Pool is played with the whole body. Mind and intuition become one and challenge the player at all levels. Concentration, body tension, stamina, intellect and sensitivity come together. Coupled with knowledge of the crucial basics, there are often billiard games that resemble a strategic chess game

You often hear sentences like "I only play to pass the time and for fun". And that may well be the case, because being active and enjoying the game are certainly not neglected in two against two or in team play. However, it is above all the further development of billiards skills that make up a large part of the fascination of this sport and that has drawn us and others under the spell of the billiard game. Pool billiard cafés, hotel bars, meeting rooms, exhibition stands, or at your home: designkicker is very pleased to be your dealer in Munich and offer designer pool tables rom RS Barcelona in Germany and Europe.

Pool tables from RS Barcelona - sport lifestyle in perfection.

The Diagonal pool tables perfectly round off the range of sport lifestyle products from RS Barcelona and skillfully reflect the core message of the Spanish company “Intense living” as the innovative products that are in harmony with the active participation of the user, that are fun and become an integral part of our daily life. It’s about feeling good and sharing optimism with friends, colleagues, family and also strangers. Surrounding yourself with things you like, fulfilling your dreams and never ceasing to enjoy them.

With the Diagonal billiard tables from RS Barcelona, the renowned and award-winning Yonoh creative studio is able to combine the demands of the highest level of play with an enjoyable gaming experience. In collaboration with RS Barcelona, pool tables are created that also impress ambitious players with their clear design language, fine materials, excellent workmanship and maximum playability. The steel table of the pool table, with micro-structured polyester coating, is equipped with a 20mm thick, one-piece plate made of fiber cement. The Gorina play towel is made of 90% worsted and 10% nylon. The cushions are impressive as K66 models. The steel-reinforced legs of the pool table are made of African iroko wood, which ensures durability and stability. Since iroko wood has a very high density, it also gives the table first-class stability.

RS Barcelona delivers another design coup with the three-part wooden cover plate that transforms the pool table into a full table, which can easily be used as a dining table in the home dining room and as a conference table in meeting rooms.

The pool table is available in two sizes. Diagonal American 7’ and 8’. 5 different colors are available, as well as for the cloth color. High-quality accessories are included in the scope of delivery so that the fun can begin immediately after delivery of the pool table. 2 cues , a set of balls , rack (triangle), brush and cloth cleaner complete the table... We wish you a lot of fun and are sure that it will be repeated again and again at the pool tables of RS Barcelona!