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Welcome to – the online shop for design football tables by RS Barcelona!
You'll find all informations about the football tables rs#2, rs#3 and rs#wood designed by spain Rafael Rodriguez.
Every single football table is manually built at the factory RS Barcelona in Spain out of premium-quality components.
The very distinctive feature of this elegant table soccer is the opportunity to fully customize it to your desire.
Read more about it in the category Customize and in our Kicker-Shop.

  • Design Kicker rs#3 wood table tennis
  • Design Kicker rs#2 black RS Barcelona
  • Design Kicker rs#3 blue RS Barcelona
  • Design Kicker rs#3 wood white RS Barcelona

beautifully crafted

and played so well.

You wont find a more beautiful football table between Berlin and Munich or Barcelona and Moscow than our exclusive Design Foosball tables by RS Barcelona from Spain! Customize your indivual football table in our online shop, choose one of 6 colors and countless versions.

Hand-crafted from steel, stainless steel/Inox and elegant african Iroko wood every kicker is unique. All models are both available as an indoor or an outdoor variant. Player figures are true-to-life modeled and will be painted according to your customize instructions.

Design Kicker RS Barcelona rs#2 rs#3 rs3 wood Handgemachte Edel Kicker aus Spanien Edelstahl Outdoor

NEW - The onefoot-player! (only men)

Please choose in our shop your favourite player. For every table you can customize it at your design. Click here to our onlineshop >

so, which league you're in?

Our design football tables,

individual and handcrafted

Design ping-pong,

available now

and one for the girls!

Mädchen Kicker Tischkicker für Girls Rosa Pink Design Kicker Frauenfussball

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