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RS# WOOD MAX Play now with 8 players!

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The design football gold edition.

Each design football table can be ordered optionally with women or mixed teams

Designer pool. Sports lifestyle for home and the office.

RS Barcelona - The Big League in sporty design

Sport has the power to change and empower us. Sport moves, brings together and is fun. As a manufacturer of sporty design products, it is only natural for RS Barcelona that they want to stand on the same playing field as the world’s top athletes. To achieve this, the RS Barcelona brand and every handmade product is based on exactly the values that make a perfect game: passion for sport and athletics, innovation, further development, top performance and lots of fun are in every product of the Spanish brand.

The Spanish family-owned company never shies away from taking risks, trusting its own instincts and taking the sporty design products to the next level. At RS Barcelona, the most important thing is contradictory: pioneering spirit and hanging out. Win and lose. Individual effort and team spirit. Inspiration and clearing the head. Distraction and focus. Here, unconventional ideas are thought up and paired with traditional models.

The next level of “Intense living"

Under the motto " Intense living ", it gives RS Barcelona a real kick to create products that accompany us in everyday life. And yes, life is in the little things. In fleeting, unique and unrepeatable moments that happen where we are. At home, at work in the office, in the bar, in the hotel and when travelling.

RS Barcelona is THE hotspot for innovative design and playful challenges. Modern, lively, cool, casual and always keeping an eye on the self-determined everyday pleasures - the company works with designers, where design is always in line with the active participation of the user. Furniture items for people - designed to use them, offer comfort and fun and make them an integral part of our daily life.

Enjoyment is part and parcel of all RS Barcelona products. From the bespoke table football table, where you can not only determine the playing figures yourself, the table tennis table, which likes to function as a dining table, as well as a conference table in the meeting room and the pool table, whose wooden top makes it the distinctive piece of furniture of every interior: the convinced free spirit finds just as much in the playful products as the designer who is in love with the design.

We’re happy if you’re as excited about the design collection as we are and write your own story and experience moments that may fade away or stay forever. The playful design products of RS Barcelona from Spain definitely have great potential to be a part of it.