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Table football from RS Barcelona - Time to play!

The fingers are loose. The bars polished. The hands are on the handles. The tension in the air is extreme. The ball rolls onto the field - the game begins! The fascination of table football is unbroken to this day. Wherever it is to be found, a football table becomes a point of magnetic attraction for young and old. It goes without saying that RS Barcelona, as a brand for sport lifestyle products, can't help but revolutionize the soccer world with customized and handmade football tables.

The development of the table football line by the Spanish family firm RS Barcelona aims mainly at the feel-good factor and sharing optimism with others. To fulfill your dreams. To surround yourself with things you like. Never to stop playing, learning, having new experiences, improvising, accepting changes. It is a question of living intensively, of enjoying a moment, then another and yet another.

With the RS# line of football tables from RS Barcelona, designer Rafael Rodriguéz has succeeded in seamlessly combining the high standards of pure gaming enjoyment of the original table football with contemporary details and the demands of sporty design. Slim, modern lines, balanced weight without losing stability and strength, excellent manufacturing technology, first-class materials and special features: the football table is the epitome of cool design and passion for the game.

Your football table - your match.

Now you’re in the game. Since every football table is made to order for our customers in Barcelona, there is plenty of room for personal design. The legendary table football designs RS#3 and RS#2 for indoor as well as all-weather football models for outdoors. You don't just decide the paint color of the table, but a lot more. Which player figures do you put on the field? Men, women, or mixed teams? You specify what your table football teams should look like. Do you prefer one-legged or two-legged players? Even with the company's own logo, or club colors, you can make the players and the football field an unmistakable table game.

RS Barcelona hits the bullseye with the design RS#Dining Table. A football table that can be quickly converted into a dining table thanks to the glass top and invites you to toast with a soccer match after a delicious meal with friends. The RS#2 GOLD and RS#3 GOLD WOOD Edition football tables are not for the faint of heart. With a 24-carat gold coating and tailor-made specifications, the luxury football tables provide unbeatable fun, make every football match an extraordinary experience and every room an exhibition space in the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

At home, office, co-working space, exhibition stand, bar, hotel, indoor or outdoor: whichever table football from RS Barcelona you choose and wherever you place it - the fascination of table football is unbroken. The fun of the (team) game rekindles every time and we are happy when designkicker makes your dream of your own football table possible!