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Designkicker Team

2004. It all started in a hotel in Zurich. A drink was planned at the bar, then falling into bed after a busy day full of meetings. The plan failed. Luckily. In the hotel bar, football tables from RS Barcelona awaited us. Minutes became hours that we spent playing table football with familiar and unfamiliar faces. We won, we lost and we laughed - always fascinated by the sport-inspired lifestyle products from RS Barcelona.

We went to bed at 1.30 a.m. With satisfied smiles and a vision in our heads. RS Barcelona products from Spain must come to Germany. Not only to our home terrace in Munich, but as far as possible everywhere!

A vision becomes reality. RS Barcelona comes to Germany.

No sooner said than done. Our vision has resulted in a contract with RS Barcelona and our own online shop. Since then, we as the designkicker dealer in Munich have been selling designer products from the Spanish family business RS Barcelona to buyers all over Europe.

We know that a success story is more than just being in the right place at the right time. To play in the Big League, you need an understanding of design and the philosophy of sports, you need drive, passion and motivation. With RS Barcelona as a partner, we have everything it takes to offer our customers a high level of sport lifestyle. From the selection of products tailor-made for the customer, to the handling, the payment process up to the delivery of the goods the designkicker team takes care that your chosen designer products from RS Barcelona are with you as quickly as possible and that maximum transparency is guaranteed during the purchase. And we are determined to continue to do so.

Even today - almost two decades later - we are still enthusiastic about the designer products of the Spanish family company RS Barcelona. The growing product range football tables , table tennis tables, pool tables and furniture , the passion for the perfect harmonization of play and design has lost none of its fascination for us. Our customers include private individuals, start-up founders, car dealerships, clubs, offices, hotels, bars and restaurants we are happy about every new fan - also on Instagram.

What has changed for us privately since then? Definitely that our friends not only stop by for food and drink, but also for 1,2 or 3 games. We enjoy these moments together and are grateful for that one evening in a hotel bar in Zurich, which changed so much for us and brought many fun experiences and sporty designer furniture into our everyday life.

So why not keep playing - do you fancy a match?