RS#3 wood Football Table

Green Football Table

For the first time ever, RS is using wood in their football tables. And for that they have chosen iroko, a strong and durable wood for outdoor use, the basic requirements for joining the RS foosball team. 

The RS#3 Wood is designed and made for outdoor living. It shares some features with the RS#3 (same body and playing field) but its legs are show with wood. 
RS#3 Wood comes in inox version (stainless steel) and white or black (steel with cataphoresis coating process) and each version comes with its standard teams.

The RS#3 wood GOLD is the first item of the Gold Edition. This very special new collection offers a subtle and elegant combination of gold, metal and wood.

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Field Colour
Spielerbeine (Einbein nur Männerfiguren)
Skin Colour

Jerseys and Shorts

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