And where is yours?
Choose out of our designkickers rs#2, rs#3 or rs#3wood your model in your favourite colours. Afterwards you have the possibility to design your football table individually according to your desires.

You can choose either an outdoor or an indoor version, we offer three different colour fields and two different team line-ups. In addition you have the exclusive option to define player sex (boys, girls, mixed) and player skin colour.

Ever had a own football team?

Eigenes Logo Kickerfiguren Firmenkicker Design Kickertisch mit eigenem Firmenlogo Eigene Mannschaft Trikot individuell

All player figures are hand-painted according to your wishes. That way your designkicker football table will be unique.

Decide which dresses your teams wear! We offer a standard setup, but just tell us about your individual wishes. You even can apply your logo.

That way every match with your designkicker is a finale!

Frauenfussball Kicker Kickerfiguren Mädchen Tischkicker für Mädchen Rosa Trikot Pinke Figuren Girls

The girls can play!

The first football table with a women's soccer team!
With this worldwide unique model every female soccer player can enjoy a game and the designkicker won't stay only a toy for boys.

We from designkicker offer you with our kicker rs#2 in pink and two female soccer teams this great girls version.

Yes, the girls can play!

NEW - The onefoot-player! (only men)

Please choose in our shop your favourite player. For every table you can customize it at your design. Click here to our onlineshop >

Modell RS Fun

Price: 1.179,00 €

  • weight: 30kg
  • color: white and red
  • figures for self-adhesive (foils included)
  • material: mixed wood and metal – korpus sides metal + legs below metal.
  • woodchampions tail (see last picture) sold separately

RS Dining

Price from 5.159,00 €

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